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13,000 Angel Investors & 1,700 VCs Looking To Invest In Great Ideas
Get Access to 15,000+ Investor Contacts, Video Tutorials, And Step-By-Step Action Plans For You To Go From Idea To Raising Funds In 5 Days!
Finally... A Quick & Easy Way For You To Go From Idea To Raising Funds In 5 Days!
Are you frustrated with being ignored by investors? Tired of investors telling you that you're not ready? And not being able to provide the right information to investors? Or, you just don't know how to find investors? At InvestorNations, we show startups how to go from idea to raising funds in days without MVP or traction.
Simply Follow Our Blueprint To Success & You’ll Avoid All The Frustrations & Mistakes!
Raising funds can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don’t know the correct steps to take, which makes them take far longer than they need to. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step action plan, and you’ll be funded in no time.
You won’t just save time, either. When you follow our advice closely, you also achieve much better results than you would ever be able to achieve on your own.
90% Of Startups Will Never Get Funded Without The Right Help
Sadly, 90% of startups will never get funded. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught the right way to raise funds. It doesn’t have to be this way for you, though.
We can show you exactly what we did to go from idea to raising funds in 5 days and how our clients were able to achieve equally impressive results, using the same strategies. Sign up today to achieve a similar result, and do it much faster than you ever thought was possible.


Shaking Up The Exclusivity Of The Startup Scene

Sominder has helped thousands of startups by providing free advice through his podcast Fundraising Made Easy.

Fundraising is simply making clear to investors what their benefit in investing with you is. There is no exclusivity, and it has nothing to do with which incubator or accelerator you belong to, anybody without any prior experience can raise funds, you just need to know how.

At InvestorNations, with the help of video tutorials and step-by-step action plans, we put you on the path to success and help you avoid mistakes that other founders have made. In addition to that, we provide you with more than 15,000 Investor Contacts for free.
Save Yourself Months Of Costly Trial & Error By Using Our Blueprint To Raise Funds
Why waste months struggling along, trying to figure things out for yourself? You can save this time and get a much better result when you get our expert advice and use our action plan to raise funds. It’s like a shortcut that gives you access to 15,000+ investor contacts, a step-by-step guide on how to approach them, and inside information on how investors make decisions.
Are you ready to raise funds in the shortest time possible? To have more money without years of hard work it usually takes? Then sign up now and get started!
Here’s Another Taste Of What You Can Expect When You Sign Up...
  • The Cold Hard TRUTH About Startup Advisors We’ll reveal what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes and why it seems so much harder to raise funds even though that's not the case
  • Action Plans to Help You Raise Funds Quickly & Easily We’ve used these action plans to accelerate the results for our clients, so they raised funds much faster – now YOU can do the same!
  • Why Negotiating Isn’t Always The Best Choice For You Negotiation is always the best, right? Wrong! We’ll show you why there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye, and what to do when investors start giving you bad offers
  • The Vital Key To Raising Funds As Fast As Possible Fundraising isn't only about contacting investors. We'll tell you what investors need to know to make a decision in days and not months!
  • What Never To Do When Attempting To Raise Funds You don't need an MVP or traction to raise funds. We'll explain why it's never too early to raise funds; unless you want to stay broke for YEARS longer than you need to
Here's What Our Clients Have To Say About Us...
Jessica, Cape Town
"The information is straightforward, no fancy corporate talk, just exactly what it is. I was well-prepared for my online live pitch, and was negotiating with investors at eye level"
“It was amazing working with InvestorNations! I started receiving funds from angel investors within the first 30 days.”
Sebastian, Barcelona
Kathy, Sydney
“After months of struggling to get a reply from investors, InvestorNations helped me understand what I was missing in my pitch. It was such a simple solution, but as soon as I adjusted my business plan and pitch deck, I got my very first meetings with investors”
“We actually had to stop contacting investors after 6 weeks because of the amount of replies we received from investors. We raised 1.2 mills in 10 weeks”
Chris, San Francisco
Dave, Ontario
“InvestorNations has an amazing content with contracts and checklists that investors use. It helped us a lot, having access to this insider information, and we avoided making some crucial mistakes because of them”
Sign Up Now And Get Started...
We will guide you through a series of videos and action plans that we have developed that will help you in raising funds in the shortest time possible.

Sign up and find out what no one else in the industry will want you to know…
  • How to calculate a fundraising amount that will actually make sense to investors
  • ​Why your pitch deck is working against you
  • ​Your investor outreach has nothing to do with relationship building
  • ​The easiest equity formula that will protect you from losing your company
  • ​How investors make decisions about your personality and business abilities on the spot
This is ONLY for people who are serious about raising funds, and places are strictly limited. Sign up now to avoid disappointment and secure your spot.


Why Is it only $99?
We have aggressively reduced our price on purpose to make it possible for every startup around the world to learn how to fundraise the right way and to have access to investor contacts. Through InvestorNations, we give start-ups instant access to our video tutorials, step-by-step action plans, and 15,000+ investor contacts for them to start raising funds in 5 days.
Do I need a company to sign up?
No, you don’t! Anybody who is serious about raising funds to build their business, regardless of the stage, can sign up.
I don’t have a pitch deck or a business plan, can I still raise money?
Yes, you can! Sign up now to find out why and how.
Are these angel Investors or VCs?
Both, we provide you with contact details of 13,000+ angel investors and 1700+ VCs.
Can I buy only investor data?
You don't need to, we provide investor data absolutely for free to our members. When there is additional data added, you will have access to that as well.
Where are your investors located?
Majority of our investors are located in North America, Europe and Australia. If you need investor data from some specific location, simply let us know and we'll try our best to add it to our database where you can download free of charge.
What if I need support during fundraising?
You most likely will. You can subscribe to our Podcast (Fundraising Made Easy) on your favourite platform and to our YouTube channel (Sominder Singh) where we cover all the topics and questions not covered in these video tutorials.
I still have more questions
Write to us at
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